Christmas Cheer!


Zoey is finally feeling better! She went back to school today and a good thing too, her school Christmas concert was this evening so she got to go! Hooray for good health and happy times!

I snapped some pictures before we rushed out the door this evening since she looked so pretty in her special dress and with her hair curled.

Just when I caught a sweet little moment it was quickly followed up by a silly one...

Here she is at the concert...she was happy that she got to stand next to one of her good friends...two cuties! Actually, so very many cuties!

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Christmas Celebration with Friends


Another one of our little traditions is getting together with some special friends to decorate gingerbread houses and have a little "Doll Christmas". This year we just snuck it in on a Sunday afternoon. Thankfully we did because soon in, a day after...we got sick! Still recovering and not in the clear yet. Zoey missed four days of school this week! Not fun!

But back to what was fun...


Zoey prepared the doll table to get ready for the guests...pretty nice spread don't you think?

She also had fun dressing up some of her dolls so they were festive as well.

I got out the doll Christmas decorations and we had fun together getting things ready and all set. Our shoe box fireplace is perhaps my favorite decoration. I'm pretty impressed that it's still in one piece after moving and being under Zoey's bed for some time...Leo chewed on one corner of it but you can't tell when we put up the tinsel. :)

Hoping we feel better soon...sadly we are thinking Zoey is going to have to miss The Nutcracker this year. A first. Hoping to do something else special with her to take away a bit of her sadness. It's not fair to be sick and to have to miss something that she was looking forward to all season.

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An Old Fashioned Sleigh Ride


I am trying to play catch-up a bit here on my blog as you can probably tell. December sadly has been a blur thus far. Working too much. Too much to do. And I haven't done a thing in the kitchen for Christmas baking! Ethan and I haven't done any shopping for one another yet. Thankfully Zoey is about done so we're safe there. Ethan and I don't need much anyway.

These pictures were actually taken the Saturday after Thanksgiving...I took Zoey downtown when I was done with work that day to enjoy some of the Christmas festivities that they had going on. It was cold and damp but I'm glad we did it. It's kind of a special little tradition that we have since moving here. Usually we go with friends but they were out of town so it was just Zoey and I.

Love her so much...

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Bailey Louise Davis, A Travelogue of Memories - Art Show


Here are some pictures of my little sister Bailey's art work from her Senior show at Bates Art Bar in Bayfield, Wisconsin. I'm so proud of her! 

And a picture of her and of the few I think since we are so far apart in age and life stages it seems we are never together. Hoping that changes.

I'm so very proud of you Bailey for following your passions and choosing to listen to your heart's desires at this time in your life. It's so important to listen to that little voice! I can't wait to see where your talent and drive takes you!
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Thanksgiving 2014


This year's Thanksgiving was kind of crazy for us. I had to work both the day before and the day after Thanksgiving which made it pretty hard for planning or traveling. Thankfully we had an invite to my mom's this year in Bayfield which is just under 2 hours drive so that's what our plan was.

It was cold! But it was kind of fun traveling in the car GOING somewhere. Ethan and I have been so busy with work that we haven't been able to DO anything fun it seems. I miss that. We need to try and make a plan to get away as a family soon. We need it.

Anyways...back to Thanksgiving. It was a small crowd but nice. My mom and step dad, sister and her friend from school, step brother, and Ethan and I.

Very relaxed gathering which was perfect.

I love this picture of everyone checking on the turkey...especially Leo. What a dog.

Zoey was thrilled to get to spend time with her Auntie Bailey. She pretends that Bailey is her older sister. Bailey is happy to oblige.

Leo wasn't thrilled to get to compete with Jackie when it came to treats or attention. Or was it the other way around?

Thank you Mom for the beautiful meal and for the invitation. I wish we could have stayed longer.

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